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Siddons BOLT-ON heat pump

The New Bolt-On Heat Pump

Introducing the new brilliantly-designed Siddons BOLT-ON heat pump water heater that works with any household water storage tank, old or new.

All-In-One heat pump water heaters

Siddons also has a range of convenient beautifully-designed All-In-One heat pump water heaters.

  • Choose your solar heat pump
    Siddons Solarstream offers a range of heat pump water heaters to suit every family's requirements:

    * The beautifully-designed Siddons All-In-One – READ MORE

    * The brilliant Siddons BOLT-ON, which you can connect to any water storage tank – READ MORE

    * The Siddons BOLT-ON, plus a range of Siddons-supplied tank options – READ MORE

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    Did you know solar heat is actually available in two ways?

    The first way is from radiation (direct sunshine) but the second way is as convection (from air)!

    Siddons heat pump water heaters have a super efficient design that extracts solar heat from the air (just like your fridge, but in reverse). They work night and day even at temperatures as low as -5°C, providing year round hot water...

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    Siddons Solarstream is a smart operator in solar hot water systems.

    Federal and State solar rebates make the choice to go green easy for you. Siddons will keep you up to date with the very latest solar rebate information in your state.

    Discover how a Siddons heat pump water heater can earn you rebates and save you money.

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