A  hydronic heating and cooling system works by circulating water through underfloor pipes, radiators or fan coils, distributing heat around the room. The water in the pipes is connected to a central manifold and the hot or cold water can be maintained by solar heat, heat pump or wetback system.

Did you know that using a heat pump to heat your hot water can save up to 75% off your water heating costs?

If you are concerned about your ever increasing electricity bills, this could be the answer you’re looking for. A Siddons heat pump hot water heater utilises technology that has been developed for more than 30 years, similar to a refrigerator working in reverse, tailored for the domestic market in Australia.

In addition to saving you money, a Siddons heat pump water heater is so energy efficient, you can reduce your CO2 emissions by around 3 tonnes per year, similar to the emissions of a motor car per year.

Solar Power

A solar power system is an efficient and cost effective way of generating clean, renewable electricity from the sun. This power can be used for your major household needs such as heating, cooling, hot water and lighting. Any excess power can be fed back into the grid or stored in batteries for later use.

Siddons Solarstream has a range of products that can generate power from the sun convert it into usable electricity and then provide efficient heating, cooling, hot water and lighting. We will connect you with your local contractor trained and qualified to install these systems.


A heat pump uses scientific principles to provide low power space heating, cooling (in reverse cycle) and hot water. If you have solar power and an energy efficient 6 star house design, then you should also consider heat pumps to complete the ‘trifecta’.

It make little sense to install solar panels to feed into the grid at low price, but it makes a lot of sense to use this power for heating, cooling and hot water which together consume most of your household energy.

Solar panels make power from the light whereas heat pumps magnify this power by around 3 times or more from the heat in the air. ‘Heat’ to a heat pump, is anything above minus 5 deg C, so at 7 deg C, the air temperature to a heat pump feels hot. This is also the temperature above which a heat pump will not have to defrost itself, and so will run more efficiently. In fact, every 10 degree rise in the air temperature will enable the heat pump to run about 25% more efficiently.

So for hot water, we recommend running the heat pump in the afternoon using the well-insulated storage tank like a battery for use at night and the following morning. Your storage tank will only lose about 2 deg C in a 24 hour period depending on ambient air temperature.

For heating and cooling, we have a range of heat pumps specifically designed for your home, location and method of delivering the heating/cooling optimally.

A Siddons heat pump coupled up with the Phono Solar Panels is the best option when you are upgrading your heating, cooling and hot water system to solar. Heat pumps work in all climatic conditions, in the rain and at night, and is an ideal appliance to use with your low cost Photo Voltaic electricity.

When installing a Siddons heat pump water heater, expect to save around $600 per year on hot water alone depending on your location, heat pump model and hot water use. You can expect to save even more with heat pump heating and cooling or completely eliminate your energy bills if you also use new battery technology.


Siddons Solarstream is a smart operator in solar hot water systems.

Federal and State solar rebates make the choice to go green easy for you. Siddons will keep you up to date with the very latest solar rebate information in your state.

Discover how a Siddons heat pump water heater can earn you rebates and save you money… Read more


Heat pumps extract solar heat from the air so can operate efficiently in hail, rain or shine.

Siddons heat pump water heaters have a super efficient design that extracts solar heat from the air. They work night and day even at temperatures as low as -5°C, providing year round hot water…Read more

For ideal comfort, hydronic heating is better radiated rather than blown through the air such as in reverse cycle air conditioners. Some people suffer allergies, and they find it uncomfortable to have heat blown through air ducts, which also blows dust.

For radiating heat, underfloor heating is best if you have the option to do this, such as with a new build. For existing dwellings, wall radiators or radiant skirting boards are also effective.

In summer, you can reverse the cycle of a heat pump and circulate moderately cool water, above the dew point, at around 18 deg C. This is sufficient to provide a pleasant cooling effect without blowing air through ducts, although some moderate air movement from a fan will assist the cooling effect of the air moving across your cool floor. This method of cooling works best is best in dryer Southern climates where dehumidification from air conditioning may not be necessary. Reverse cycle cooling absorbs heat, particularly radiant heat from the sun streaming in through windows, and takes it away to be cooled via the circulating water.

Siddons Solarstream offers a range of heat pump water heaters to suit every family’s requirements:

* The brilliant Siddons BOLT-ON, which you can connect to any water storage tank – Read more
* The Siddons BOLT-ON, plus a range of Siddons-supplied tank options – Read more


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