Siddons put the first heat pump water heater put onto the Australian market in 1983 known as the Siddons Solar Plus and has since moved into solar hydronic heating, cooling and water heating systems. Green Power has grown over the past decade to become technical specialists in the supply and installation of high quality Solar PV systems and associated products and services including large scale solar farms.

Siddons Solarstream is a wholesale business working through its Dealer network across Australia.

In addition, Siddons Greenpower was formed last year as the new commercial scale sales consulting business with engineering, contracting and after sales support services.

John Siddons pictured with the first prototype Siddons Solarstream model in 2004
John Siddons pictured with the first prototype Siddons Solarstream model in 2004

Siddons Heat Pump Water Heaters

In conjunction with the University of Melbourne (Bill Charters), Siddons started work on commercialising the concept of a heat pump water heater. The first project was the family swimming pool, which eventually progressed to a domestic water heater.

By 1983, the product was ready for market launch with the ‘Siddons Solar Plus’, released as a ‘solar boosted heat pump water heater’, the first heat pump water heater on the Australian market. The design was very successful and set a new benchmark for energy savings. The (then) Victorian State Electrical Commission surveyed one hundred users of the product with the response the best they had ever received. Indeed, many of these early model heat pump water heaters are still in service today.

Over the years, Siddons continued to improve the heat pump and in 1989 formed Quantum Energy Systems which was purchased from Siddons Ramset Limited by the Siddons family. Quantum developed a new generation of air, water and heat recovery heat pump water heaters that were exported to China, Italy, Singapore and other parts of the world.

The Siddons family sold Quantum in the late 1990s and then started researching improvements for a new heat pump water heater. This led to a new coiled condenser tank and Split heat pump with globally patented design improvements, which in turn led to the formation of Siddons Solarstream in 2005.

Since 2013, Siddons Solarstream began to focus on 3 in1 applications of heat pump for hydronic heating, cooling and hot water. These new products provide solutions to significantly reduce home energy consumption and are ideally matched with Solar PV. As feed-in tariffs reduced and cut to just 5 or 6 cents per kWh the logic of using the power from Solar PV to run heat pumps became compelling, which led to the merger with The Green Power Company.

The business of Siddons Solarstream is today run by Chris Siddons whilst Chris’ brother Tony is a non-executive director. Other non-executive directors are Grant Oliver and Peter Stern.

Today, Siddons, together with its international partners, designs and manufactures energy efficient heat pump water heaters for global markets using the best quality components sourced from Australia, Germany, Japan and China.


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