Cost of Solar Hot Water System

Solar hot water system prices can vary and adding solar panels to your roof can be very costly.

When looking at hot water system prices, solar may seem an expensive option compared to the price of an electric hot water system. However when you compare running costs, a Siddons solar heat pump can save you around $600 per year.

Siddons offer a quality range of reliable solar hot water systems at a fraction of the price of solar panels.

Along with saving on running costs, you will be able to offset much of your solar hot water system cost by applying for government rebates which can add up to around $1,000, depending on the model and rebate zone.

If you are hesitant about the cost of a solar hot water system, why not consider our Siddons BOLT-ON that can attach to your current tank? This will upgrade your existing hot water system to solar, but avoid the cost of purchasing and installing a new storage tank.

Hot water systems prices vary depending on capacity and type of system you purchase. After installation, you are eligible for the STC Federal Government rebate of around $1,000. This is refunded to you typically within two weeks of selling your STCs.

The price difference between a solar hot water system and a conventional electric element hot water storage heater has been reducing over the past several years and now the payback is around two years or $1,200 after the STC rebate.

You should also check the installation component of hot water system prices quoted to you.

Generally, you will find that the installation of a heat pump water heater is less than a solar panel or evacuated tube solar water heater. It will also be cheaper than the cost of installing a gas storage hot water heater and not much different to the cost of installing an electric element water heater.

The main components of solar hot water system cost are product supply, installation, plumbing components, delivery and, if applicable, removing and destroying your old water heater. You should check all of these component costs.


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