Hydronic Heating & Cooling



Siddons Home heat pumps work effectively in air as cold as -15℃ and in the rain and at night making heat for both hydronic space heating and hot water up to 80℃, or the 3 in1 units can go into reverse cycle and provide cold water at 8℃ for efficient air conditioning through fan coil units. They work so well, they only require single phase power to produce hydronic heating or cooling for your home.

3 in1 Monoblock EVI models

The Home 3 in1 Monoblock EVI models use a special Efficient Vapour Injection (EVI) technology that boosts performance in sub zero temperatures. This technology recovers residual energy in the form of gas vapour still in the system after the first refrigeration cycle by using a second refrigeration cycle to inject the residual gas vapor into the compressor.

The Home 3 in1 DC Inverter Monoblock

The Home 3 in1 DC Inverter Monoblock heat pump is ideally suited to PV power generating systems and for off-grid homes. DC inverter technology adds further efficiency from its variable speed compressor and fan.

The Home 2 in1 High Temperature

The Home 2 in1 High Temperature heat pump can replace your gas heater because it uses a unique two stage system that can make heat from sub zero air temperatures as low as -15℃ yet heat the water up to 80℃ using only a small amount of single phase power. If you are concerned about rising gas prices and looking for a direct solar electric replacement to work with your existing hydronic radiators, then this is the model for your home.

Home Heat Pumps – Application Methods

Hydronic Applications


  • Rapid response heating options
  • Low allergenic and hygienic, no dust
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling
  • Improves your home’s energy rating
  • Compatible with timber floors
  • Best form of heating, luxuriant warmth
  • Does not conflict with your room furnishings
  • Zone rooms to reduce running costs even further

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