Pool & Spa Heat Pumps

Pool/spa heat pumps are ideal for matching with Solar PV to run the heat pump during the day using your own power.

Siddons together with its partner Macon has developed a broad range of heat pumps for water heating and space heating and cooling. These heat pumps are in operation all around Australia as well as overseas, including very cold areas of Northern Europe and North America. Importantly, they are designed to work effectively in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions and its coldest winters.

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The Siddons Solarstream pool/spa heat pump is up to 400% more efficient than gas and up to 600% more effective than an electric element. The single-phase heat pumps will heat a pool up to 50,000 litres. Beyond this volume, a range of three-phase heat pumps are available.

Heat Exchanger

The heart of the Siddons Solarstream pool/spa heat pump is a patented heat exchanger. This is made from titanium, and is virtually impervious to water chemistry damage, and the shell is made from patented materials able to withstand high pressure of more than 21 kg water pressure and high temperature.

The primary cause of premature heat pump failure is heat exchanger failure. Ordinary heat exchangers are made from a Cupro-nickel alloy and the shell is made of PVC. This Cupro-nickel material is susceptible to attack from the chemicals used in pools and spas. Once the heat exchanger fails, the heat pump will usually need to be replaced. Also, the PVC is susceptible to high pressure and temperature.

Scroll Compressor

The Siddons Solarstream pool/spa heat pump uses a scroll compressor, which has 50% fewer moving parts than a standard piston-type compressor. This gives improved reliability and efficiency. Scroll compressors are also quieter in operation than piston-type compressors.

Digital Controller

The Siddons Solarstream pool/spa heat pump has digital microprocessor, which controls water temperature to within 1° Celcius of the set point. The controller also permits the user to predefine different pool and spa water temperatures, and to prevent tampering by locking out controls via a control key.

Corrosion-Proof Cabinet

The cabinet of the heat pump can be made from powder coated steel or if you are near the coast there is a resilient, UV-Protected ABS plastic casing, which will not rust or corrode.

Heating & Cooling Capability

Enjoy your pool or spa all year round, with the flip of a switch you can go into cooling mode and cool your pool or spa to refreshing temperatures in very hot summer climates.

For Alpine climates, heating and cooling heat pumps offer unique advantages over passive defrost models with a Hot Gas Defrost feature. Hot Gas Defrost heat pumps will direct hot refrigerant vapour into the heat collecting evaporator coils, melting accumulated ice away in a matter of a few minutes then will switch back to heating.

Standard defrost heat pumps may remain “off in defrost” for extended periods during very cold weather however Hot Gas Defrost heat pumps extend the swimming season longer because of their ability to continue to operate even during freezing cold weather.


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