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Siddons BOLT-ON Tank Package Rebate Information

If you purchase and install both a Siddons BOLT-ON and one of the prescribed water storage tanks offered by Siddons, you may be eligible to receive a Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC) rebate from the Federal Government. To read more, visit the Clean Energy Regulator website.

Federal Government Small-scale Technology Certificate Rebate

The price of STCs varies depending on supply and demand. In 2013, the STC price has averaged around $34, with a range of between around $31 and $37. To find the current price, click here.

The number of STCs you receive depends on two things.

First, it depends on which zone you live in, as per the following map:


If it is not clear what zone you are in, click here.

Secondly, the number of STCs you receive depends on which water storage tank you purchase and install along with your Siddons BOLT-ON, as per the following table:

Rebates (1)

Once you have determined how many STCs you are eligible to receive, simply multiply that number by the current price of STCs to determine your estimated rebate amount. Please note that your actual rebate amount will depend on the actual price of STCs on the day your application is processed.

For example, if you live in Zone 3, purchase a 340 litre vitreous enamel tank, and the price you receive for your STCs is $36, your rebate amount will be $900 ($36 x 25).

There are several ways in which STC rebates can be claimed. You can trade them yourself, go to the Federal Government clearing house or use a broker.

Siddons suggests that the easiest way is to use a broker such as Greenbank Environmental, through whom the turnaround time for processing of STC forms is between one and two weeks from date of lodgment. You can download your Greenbank STC application form here.

NB: STCs must be registered within 12 months of installation.

For more information about rebates or our heat pump water heater products please call Siddons Solarstream on 1300 SID SOL.


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