BOLT-ON Tank Package

Siddons BOLT-ON Tank Package

Siddons BOLT-ON has been designed by Siddons to connect to and work with any water storage tank, whether old or new, providing the tank itself is sound.

tankpackageAs such, many customers choose to purchase a Siddons BOLT-ON to upgrade their existing hot water system, hence avoiding the cost of purchasing a new storage tank.

However, it may be best for you to purchase a new storage tank with the Siddons BOLT-ON heat pump.

When you do purchase a storage tank together with the Siddons BOLT-ON, you may be eligible to receive Government rebates to help offset the cost.

For a new Siddons BOLT-ON heat pump with new hot water storage tank, we can supply a range of vitreous enamel and stainless steel storage tanks.

Note that we recommend use of vitreous enamel tanks if you live in Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and regional areas of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria in circumstances where water quality is mineralised, chlorinated and/ or comes from rivers, dams, bores or other ground-sourced aquifers.

The tank options are:

Stainless Steel Tanks

The stainless steel (316 marine grade) tanks come in two sizes, details of which are set out in the following table:

For more information on the stainless steel tanks, click here.

Vitreous Enamel Tanks

The vitreous enamel tanks come in three sizes, details of which are set out in the following table:

For more information on the vitreous enamel tanks, click here.

The Siddons BOLT-ON Tank Package earns attractive Government rebates. To find out more, click here.

Key details of the BOLT-ON Tank Package warranty are as follows:

BOTP warranty

For full details of the BOLT-ON Tank Package warranty, click here.

The BOLT-ON Tank Package is backed by Siddons national service desk: call 1300 SID SOL

Siddons BOLT-ON. Solar savings made easy!

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