Warranty Details

Warranty Terms and Conditions can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

For warranty details on the Siddons All-In-One, click here.

For warranty details on the Siddons BOLT-ON, click here.

For warranty details on the Siddons BOLT-ON Tank Package, click here.

Warranty Registration

For convenient and efficient processing of any warranty claims, please register your Siddons heat pump water heater. Click here to register.

Note: Production of models 264SSBD, 264SSCD, 327SSAD, 327SSBD, 327SSCD, 165SSMBD, 261SMBD, 326SMBD, 417SMBD, 165SMCD, 261SMCD, 326SMCD & 417SMCD has been discontinued. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for warranty terms and conditions. Extended warranty is not available on these models.

Warranty Claims

Should you find any fault or issue with your Siddons water heater, you should contact your dealer in the first instance with the following information:

  • Serial number of your heat pump and/or tank
  • Address and phone details, preferably a mobile number
  • Installation date
  • Details about the fault/issue

Your dealer will then contact Siddons Solarstream with these details and we will work with them to rectify your issue as quickly as possible.

If you cannot contact your dealer or there is any issue with your dealer’s involvement in the rectification process, you may email us directly or call on 1300 SID SOL.


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